About Poultry & Allied Limited

Who We Are

Poultry and Allied Limited is East Africa’s first integrated hatchery, producer and marketer of Improved Kienyeji Chicken products.


Lead East Africa in provision of affordable, highly nutritious and delicious poultry foods for low and middle income consumers through revolutionizing the entire value chain to support high production and operational efficiency.


We envision an East Africa where poultry products are not a preserve of the well-to-do, where nutritional deficiencies and stunting are eradicated and where farmers are paid equitably for their hard work.


Our hatchery  focuses on production and sale of Improved Kienyeji chicks and provision of skilled farmer support. Our Improved Kienyeji breeds are known for faster maturity, higher egg production and disease resistance as compared to the indigenous chicken. The main production facilities are based in Musanda, along the Butere – Musanda – Ugunja road.

We also run an outgrower scheme, launched in 2018, providing farmers with guaranteed access to market and consumers with affordable, delicious kienyeji eggs at 30-40% less market prices. We leverage on technology, skilled expertise and operational efficiency to bring low and middle income consumers high quality products.

We are guided by these Sustainable Development Goals:

  • Goal 1: End Poverty – Improving the returns of smallholder farmers
  • Goal 2: Zero Hunger – Improving production by smallholder farmers & access to safe, nutritious foods by low and middle income consumers
  • Goal 3 – Good Health & Well-Being – especially for mother and child
  • Goal 5: Gender Equality – Support women-led farmer cooperatives
  • Goal 8: Decent work & Economic Growth – Sustainable economic growth through use of technology and innovative practices.
  • Goal 17: Partnership Development – Strengthen the poultry value chain through strategic partnerships.

The difference we make

Improved Kienyeji Chicken Breeds
Healthy Kienyeji Chicks
Guaranteed Market
Skilled Expertise
Higher Profits
Affordable Eggs
Farmer Support
Chick Delivery Services
Quality Farm Inputs
Mobile App Farm Guides
Quantity Discounts
Low Production Cost