Who We Are

We are East Africa’s premier integrated breeder, hatchery and marketer of Improved Kienyeji Chicken products including fully vaccinated and healthy chicks, high quality chicken feeds and delicious chicken products.

Our vision is to provide affordable, delicious and nutritious foods to consumers and provide a major boost to the local economies where we operate. We have a three pronged approach to revolutionize the poultry industry: utilize technological advances to improve operational efficiencies, transform route-to-market and improve value chain performance and build skilled capacity from farm to plate.

What we offer

Our focus is on Improved Kienyeji Chicken

Day and month-old Improved Kienyeji Chicks

Fully vaccinated, healthy day and month-old chicks. All purchases come with a free manual on rearing chicks and a vaccination schedule. Delivery available.Learn More »

Delicious Kienyeji Chicken Eggs

Flavourful, nutritious and large size Improved Kienyeji Chicken Eggs. Same Natural Yellow Yolk and taste, larger than local kienyeji chicken eggs. Trade discounts available on large orders  of 100 trays or more.Learn More »

Farmer Training

Detailed training workshops and talks, printed guides and online training and continued agronomic and business training support for our customers.Learn More »

Outgrower scheme

Join our improved kienyeji chicken outgrower scheme. You receive a good return on investment with a guaranteed market for your produce. We provide you with high quality chicks, feeds, vaccines and other agronomic support and buy your produce.Learn More »

Our operations

Production of high quality improved kienyeji chicken products

We continue to invest on high performing improved kienyeji chicken breeds, the latest technology and knowledge development to ensure our farmers and consumers get the very best products at the most affordable prices.


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