Who We Are

We are a certified breeder and importer of high performing, low cost Improved Kienyeji chicks working to transform subsistence poultry farmers into successful commercial poultry farmers.

We want to see:

  • Poultry farmers fairly compensated for their hard work
  • Chicken and eggs become common foods in low income households
  • Malnutrition eliminated in women and children

What we offer

Kuroiler FFG® Improved Kienyeji Chicks

Fully vaccinated, healthy chicks from one week to three week old. Older chicks available on order. All purchases come with a free manual on rearing chicks and a vaccination schedule. Pick up at the farm and delivery available. Free delivery along Bungoma town – Mumias – Kakamega – Sabatia road.Learn More »

Free Farmer Training

Detailed training workshops and guides and more available for free when you register in advance. Topics covered include poultry disease management and vaccination, feed management, housing, sales and marketing. Training is done in Western and Nyanza and can be arranged privately on request.Learn More »

Join our Mother Unit (Poultry Breeder) Scheme

The Kuroiler FFG® Improved Kienyeji Mother Unit scheme is a business where you rear and sell chicks at various ages to farmers. We provide you with high quality and subsidised chicks, feeds, vaccines and other agronomic support and actively sell and market your produce.Learn More »

Our operations


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